Telegram banned authorization through SMS on the PC and in browser

by Mohit

Telegram Desktop on macOS and all official web versions (Webogram, WebK, WebZ, React) stopped sending the code for authorization in the messenger via SMS.

Now, if the user has no other active sessions, only a mobile device with an active Internet connection, on which authorization has already been performed, can be used to log in, since the code can only be obtained in the application. SMS continues to work in mobile clients and unofficial Telegram Desktop builds.

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The intent of this change is unclear since it will not increase security, spammers can easily use another client. The Telegram developers do not comment on this situation in any way but indicate that this change will remain forever.

But the negative consequences of this change are obvious: in order to enter without already having authorized devices nearby, you need to have a phone with the Internet turned on, and if the phone does not have Telegram, you will first have to download it (if your device supports Telegram at all), then go through authorization in it through SMS, and only after that you can get the code to enter the PC.

At the same time, authorization codes consisting of 6 characters are tested for some numbers on the test server. Recall that at the moment, users are being sent five-digit codes to enter their account.

It is more likely that these two events are not related to each other, but there is a noticeable tendency to increase security during authorization.

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