Twitter investigating unexpected logout issue of Apple iOS 15

According to the report a few days ago Apple iPhone users have complained about a bug in Twitter App. According to the report Twitter Support has acknowledged a bug that caused an iOS 15 account to be logged out unexpectedly and has promised that its team is working hard to fix it and will keep users updated when the issue is resolved.


The bug apparently affects iOS 15 users, and Twitter confirmed that they are investigating what happened. Twitter’s Support team confirmed that it is currently investigating this issue. Additionally, users complain that they are also logged out of their account repeatedly whenever they logged in again .

twittePosts on Twitter in the past few hours have revealed that users have encountered this error, and some have shared the app’s frustration asking them to log back into Twitter every time the app is launched. Although some reports lack specific circumstances where the error occurred on an iOS device, after Twitter itself acknowledged it, it seems that is indeed the case.

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