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WhatsApp adds new ‘I’m Just a Girl’ Lottie stickers pack 

Key Points 

  • WhatsApp introduces an all-new Lottie stickers pack.
  • The I’m Just a Girl sticker pack will deliver a seamless experience.
  • The new sticker pack is available on WhatsApp’s official Sticker Store.

WhatsApp has recently introduced a new sticker pack – I’m Just a Girl featuring Lottie stickers. These stickers add a fun and expressive aspect to your chats, allowing users to convey their emotions and messages more creatively.

The I’m Just a Girl Lottie sticker pack offers a variety of animated stickers that showcase different moods, expressions, and scenarios such as joy, sadness, excitement, humor, and more, making conversations more lively and enjoyable.

Overall, these stickers provide a colorful and playful way to communicate with friends and family on WhatsApp. Users can access the I’m Just a Girl Lottie sticker pack easily within WhatsApp’s official Sticker Store.


The source further mentions that, the comparison between Lottie stickers and WebP stickers in terms of animation quality and fluidity will be visible to users clearly.

As, the Lottie stickers offer smoother, more detailed animations with vibrant colors, enhancing the overall messaging experience. While, WebP sticker qualities are limited to simpler, static, and less dynamic animations.

Interested users can download the newly added sticker pack and experience richer, more innovative interactions in their conversations.

 WhatsApp Lottie stickers pack 


WhatsApp adds new ‘I’m Just a Girl’ Lottie stickers pack 

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