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WhatsApp adds new in-app dialer to place calls quickly 

Key Points 

  • WhatsApp adds a new floating action button in the calls failed.
  • Users can now make calls quickly via WhatsApp in-app dialer.
  • This feature takes communication experience to the next level.

WhatsApp has introduced a game-changing feature that will transform the way users place calls within the app. Yes, the Meta-based app has recently added a new in-app dialer via a floating action button in the calls tab.

With this new addition, WhatsApp users can make calls directly from the app. The floating action button within the calls tab provides easy access to the in-app dialer, making the calling process smoother and more efficient.

It also eliminates the need to add contacts to their address book or navigate through multiple screens to start a voice conversation. Once a phone number is entered, users have the flexibility to save it as a new or an existing contact.


This process ensures that important numbers are readily accessible within the address book. Not only this, the dialer screen also includes a messaging shortcut, allowing users to quickly send a message to a phone number they made a call.

Moreover, this new feature is rolling out with version and is currently available for some beta testers. However, the in-app dialer feature will reach a wider audience in the coming days or weeks.

WhatsApp in-app dialer


WhatsApp adds new in-app dialer to place calls quickly 

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