WhatsApp to bring new stickers to promote its payment service in India

WhatsApp lists India as one of its main markets and often proposes related local features to cater to the millions of users there. The app’s messaging service has been tested and made public publicly but the response has not been enthusiastic.


To spark people’s excitement about the ongoing holiday, WhatsApp has added a total of five sticker packs, which have a variety of cultural references, and include content on how Indians manage money earned only through the defects.

Be it a Rakhi gift or an Eid request, these stickers are so much fun and can make you or your recipient smile. All these cultural details come from local artists whom WhatsApp collaborated with to create these stickers: Anjali Mehta, Anuja Pothireddy, Mira Malhotra, Neeti, and Osheen Siva.

When paying in WhatsApp, you can now choose to paste one of these attachments to add a personal touch, or you can send it for free. These new cookies are already available for anyone to download from WhatsApp.

The purpose of ​​including payments in the messaging app that everyone uses is promising, and WhatsApp could be built into a payment platform. Though, the Facebook messaging app hosted a party. Google Pay and PhonePe already dominate the UPI market in India, leaving little room for newbies, even smart ones like WhatsApp.

With these new stickers, WhatsApp is trying to attract Indian users through its paid service, which pays for utilities related to Indian culture, whether it’s shagun of lifafa or as a blessing from your relatives to earn money when they come to you. In any case, these stickers should still be interesting with or without WhatsApp Pay.

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