WhatsApp Beta Wear OS

Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel smartwatches get WhatsApp Beta (Wear OS)

WhatsApp has started beta-testing a dedicated app for Wear OS devices. Finally, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy smartwatch users would be able to operate the third-party application more effectively on their wrists with some new features.

As per the details, this app will initiate a simplified list of recent contacts. It will integrate Settings and Open on Phone options on the main page. Once you tap on a chat or conversation, you can easily scroll down to past texts.

On the flip side, you can respond to a text by recording a voice message or opening the system keyboard. Users can further look after the group chats and find how many participants are indulged by scrolling to the end and tapping on the ‘People in this conversation’ option. Here as well, there is an Open on phone tab.

What’s Next? Consequently, WhatsApp brings a circular frame that displays how many unread messages you have. It consists of two tiles: WhatsApp Contacts to directly go on a chat, and the WhatsApp voice message to quickly enable an audio recording.

WhatsApp Beta Wear OS

How to set up the beta variant?

According to the information, WhatsApp begins the beta testing activity for a few selected wearable devices running Wear OS. It is better to ensure that both Android and your smartwatch are running on the baseline version, or else it may lead to sign-in issues and errors.

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Now tap HERE for the WhatsApp Beta. Ahead, the setup process requires an eight-digit code that you need to enter from your watch on the phone app. In case WhatsApp does not appear on the watch Play Store, then you can install it from the listing. Since it is a beta activity, it might bring an unstable version with new bugs.

WhatsApp Beta Wear OS


Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel smartwatches get WhatsApp Beta (Wear OS)

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