WhatsApp Chat Lock feature

WhatsApp introduces Chat Lock feature to keep your chats extra safe

WhatsApp keeps looking for new ways to enhance its services among users, and in the latest development, we have the all-new Chat Lock feature. As the name reflects, the major aim of this element is to make your conversations a little more private and safe.

So far, Android users were already aware of the biometric lock part that restricts other people to sneak into the account. Yet, the WhatsApp Chat Lock feature is a way more advanced method. Here, you can shield a particular conversation without locking the entire app.

Adding more depth to this matter, the feature brings the specific chat out of the inbox and puts it behind its separate folder. Thus, you can only access the conversation using your device password or a biometric segment, such as a fingerprint.

That’s not it. The Chat Lock feature can even hide the content of the chat in notifications. In case you are the one who often shares their phone with other members of family or friends, then this is one of the best ways to keep your intimate chats a little extra safe and private.

In addition to the ultimate tweak, WhatsApp uttered that more such features are in the pipeline and will soon make their way to the application. Some options that will take place in Chat Lock in the time ahead could be locking for companion devices, creating a custom password for chats, and more.

WhatsApp Chat Lock feature

How to Use?

Open the WhatsApp application and tap on the name of a chat. The description window will open. Now tap on the Chat Lock feature, and turn on the toggle of the ‘lock the chat with fingerprint’ option. Confirm the fingerprint and voila! The chat is now locked.

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Wait! The company has just started rolling out this feature. Hence, we will suggest you keep the respective application up-to-date with the latest versions. The company will gradually expand the feature availability. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the Play Store to get prompts for the new build.


WhatsApp introduces Chat Lock feature to keep your chats extra safe

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