WPS Office HarmonyOS version is now available, supports cast feature and file transfer

According to the latest information, the WPS Office app, an office suite for Microsoft Windows is now available in HarmonyOS with limited support. The application currently just supports file transfers and cast screen function.

The WPS Office is created with an aim to provide users with a standalone office service platform. It already supports operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and iPad. And now it’s also be running on HarmonyOS 2 powered devices.

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With the help of WPS, you can perform several complicated office works on your small device. The new and improved generation of this collaborative office software improves productivity and explores future office methods.

WPS Office for HarmonyOS 

With the help of its cast screen functionality, you can view your project on a bigger screen directly. It provides several options such as projecting documents, conducting online meetings, and multi-device collaborative editing, etc.

The HarmonyOS version of WPS Office can easily connect to provide a multi-screen collaboration for improved productivity. Moreover, it supports text highlighting, full-screen video playback, large-screen presentation, and much more.

Top features of WPS Office:

View and process documents in multiple formats: You can use templated to make budgets, presentation, resumes, documents, and other related files. It provides easy access to create, edit, and share word documents.

Scan, view, edit, convert PDF on your device: It has a free PDF reader that can open, view, share, and comment on PDFs anywhere and on any device.

Create Memo: You can use memos to quickly save content from anywhere and use it afterward with ease. It allows you to take a note immediately.

Powerful cloud storage function: All your data will be safe with a powerful cloud storage function of the WPS Office. It can manage all of your data, synchronize in real-time on PC or phone anytime.


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