Xiaomi MIUI Always On Display gets new update with bug fixes

The MIUI interface is designed to make smartphones simple, intuitive, and functional and the Always On Display feature makes it more intuitive with its functionalities. Recently, the Chinese tech giant has released a new update for Xiaomi Always On Display feature along with bug fixes.

As per the input, the new update for Xiaomi Always On Display will enhance the functioning of the feature and optimize its performance, simultaneously, it also aims to obtain fixes for some common exploits and issues which were troubling the users a lot and ruining the user experience.

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Additionally, the new update for AOD comes with version V2.11.1080-03101607. However, alongside the version, it also carries a giant software package that weighs up to 38.4 Megabytes. Hence, the corresponding device owners must opt for a stable Wi-Fi connection over regular mobile data.


You can even download the latest version of Always On Display (AOD) directly through the link given below. Therefore, the update is only compatible with AMOLED display devices. However, we suggest you upgrade the feature to the latest version as soon as possible, to get an improved implementation.

Download – Always On Display new update

Always on Display is a feature that displays the clock and date along with notifications as small icons for the user to have a quick glance on the phone without turning the screen actually on.

Xiaomi Always on display fixes

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