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Xiaomi MIUI Leica Camera App gets new UI

Xiaomi camera app is becoming better day by day and it is the most adored inbuilt application since it offers a fortune of options to capture your best moments. With every new update, the Chines tech giant is trying to take the user’s experience to a new level. Meanwhile, the latest update has added a new UI to the Xiaomi MIUI Camera app.

The Xiaomi MIUI Leica Camera app is getting a revamped UI with the new update. Which will provide users with a renewed and more intuitive interface. The latest firmware brings a host of redesigned features that enhance the camera experience for Xiaomi users with the Leica lens and ease your task with a less time-consuming process.

This new user interface looks cleaner and more modern, making it easier for users to navigate through the different modes and settings. It further brought a nicer and more functional UX, as in the old versions of MIUI Camera, we can change the camera lens in Pro mode from the panel at the bottom right, but now we can change it as if in photo mode only.

Previously, the video resolution in video mode can only be changed by swiping down the panel above. But now the resolution-changing feature is located on the top right of the screen, which makes your task easy. In old versions, when we touched the Leica button to switch to Leica mode, 2 options were displayed for filters.

But now, when we press the Leica button, it alternately switches between Vibrant and Authentic modes. However, the latest update is going to change the interface a lot, if you are willing to enjoy this new UI on your Xiaomi device. Then upgrade the MIUI camera application to the latest version as soon as possible.

Additionally, the update will also resolve some common issues of the app and optimize the overall user experience. Therefore, the update is rolling out with the build version V5.0.000690.2 and weighs around 1730.0MB. You can download the camera app’s latest version from Google Play Store or you can install it directly from the link given below.

Download Link 

Note –

  • Extracted from Xiaomi 13 Pro and may not work on Global ROM and Leica only



Xiaomi Camera App new UI

Xiaomi MIUI Leica Camera App gets new UI

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