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YouTube partners with Universal Music to adopt generative AI features

YouTube has recently partnered with the Universal Music Industry with a motive to adopt generative AI features. The company has shared a new blog on its official website reflecting three major principles to enhance its app and attain AI technology.

To begin with, YouTube associated with Universal Music to announce the Music AI incubator that will hold some effective features. Further, the CEO of YouTube Neal Mohan said that –

“The incubator will help info YouTube’s approach as we work with some of the music’s most innovative artists, songwriters, and producers across the industry.”

Notably, this group will help gather insights on generative AI research and experiment that are being developed at YouTube. Meanwhile, the three major principles for AI tech are:

Principle 1

  • AI is here, and we will embrace it responsibly together with our music partners

Principle 2

  • AI is ushering in a new age of creative expression, but it must include appropriate protections and unlock opportunities for music partners who decide to participate.

Principle 3

  • We’ve built an industry-leading trust and safety organization and content policies. We will scale those to meet the challenges of AI.

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YouTube Universal Music AI features


YouTube partners with Universal Music to adopt generative AI features

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