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BMW recalls 1,410 Rolls-Royce Ghost cars due to potential safety hazards

BMW has issued a recall of 1,410 Rolls-Royce Ghost cars in China due to potential safety hazards. This move underscores the commitment of automakers to prioritize consumer safety and address any issues promptly.

According to the information, the recall plan was filed with the State Administration for Market Regulation. Starting from November 1, 2023, a total of 1,410 Rolls-Royce Ghost cars with production dates from October 3, 2019, to December 8, 2022, will be recalled.

This decision was taken because the single-layer tempered glass installed on the instrument may break and form glass particles in certain high-speed side collisions, posing a risk of injury to people in the vehicle.

However, BMW will add a protective layer to the instrument single-layer glass of the vehicles within the recall scope free of charge to eliminate potential safety hazards and will notify relevant users by registered mail or telephone.

The decision to recall vehicles demonstrates the unwavering commitment to consumer safety. Rolls-Royce and its parent company BMW have a responsibility to address the mentioned safety hazards promptly, as the reputation of these luxury brands hinges on both quality and safety.

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BMW recalls 1,410 Rolls-Royce Ghost cars due to potential safety hazards

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