Ford recalls nearly 49,000 Mustang Mach-Es over battery safety problems

According to the latest report, Ford will recall 48,924 Mustang Mach-Es in the United States to solve a battery problem that may cause the car to fail to start or lose power while driving. Affected vehicles include the 2021 and 2022 Mustang Mach-Es built at Ford’s Cuautitlan plant in Mexico between May 27, 2020, and May 24, 2022.


Ford said the battery issue could be resolved with a software update, which will be released next month. According to the source, Ford dealers can still sell the car, but it will not be delivered until the company rolls out a software update to fix the problem.

It is reported that Ford released its first pure electric SUV Mustang Mach-E in November 2019. This car was released in the U.S. and European markets at the same time, and deliveries began in December 2020 (the first to be delivered in North American and European markets).

This isn’t the first time Ford has recalled the Mustang Mach-E over safety concerns. In March last year, the company announced a recall of some Mustang Mach-Es in North America after discovering that some vehicles had subframe bolts that were not tightened.

At the time, the company said fewer than 75 customers were affected by the recall. That’s because of the 1,258 Mustang Mach-Es affected in the U.S., fewer than 75 have actually made it to customers, and the vast majority have yet to be delivered.


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