Honda spend 70 billion yen to expand its electric vehicle production capacity

According to the latest report, Japan’s Honda Motor announced on Monday that the construction of a new electric vehicle assembly plant in Guangzhou, China has officially started, with an investment of 70 billion yen will use this to expand the scale of electric vehicle production in China, with the goal of starting operations in 2024 with an annual output of 120,000 vehicles.


Honda’s new electric vehicle factory is operated by “Guangqi Honda” jointly funded by Japan’s Honda Motor and China’s Guangzhou Automobile Group. The first factory was dedicated to electric vehicles.

In addition, Honda’s other joint venture company in China, “Dongfeng Honda”, is currently building an electric vehicle assembly plant with an annual production capacity of 120,000 vehicles. It is expected that by 2024, Honda’s vehicle production capacity in China will reach 1.73 million vehicles. About 20% higher than the current level.

Honda is currently working hard to promote the sales of the “e: N” series of electric vehicle-specific brands in the Chinese market. Dongfeng Honda launched the brand’s first electric SUV in April 2022, while Guangzhou Automobile Co., Ltd.

Honda’s models also officially went on sale yesterday (20). Honda plans to launch 10 electric vehicles of the e: N series by 2027, and the new electric vehicle factories of GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda will also play an important role in production.


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