Huawei finalized its partnership with Chery, Jianghuai for Smart Cars business

According to the latest report, learned from a number of people familiar with the matter that Huawei Smart Cars have been rolled out on a large scale in the industry. In addition to Jinkang New Energy, it has successively cooperated with Chery Automobile and Jianghuai Automobile. , as well as Jihu Automobile and others to finalize the smart car business cooperation.


Among them, there are at least two models of cooperation with Chery Automobile, and at least one car cooperation with Jianghuai Automobile. In addition to the HI program in cooperation with Jihu Automobile, there will also be cooperation in a smart car.

According to reports, Huawei will be deeply involved in the product definition, selection of core components, and sales and service systems of Smart Cars, and Smart Cars will eventually enter Huawei’s terminal stores for sales.

Moreover, Huawei’s smart car business has cooperated with Jinkang New Energy to launch two models, the Jinkang Sailis SF5 and the Wenjie M5. The Wenjie M7 will also be released at the end of this month.

Sources revealed to 36 Krypton that expanding outward does not mean that the cooperation with Jinkang New Energy is interrupted, and there are still many models of cooperation in progress.


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