New cars introduced in European market must include ISA system

According to the latest report, the new EU General Vehicle Safety Regulations came into effect today, stipulating that by 2024, all new cars introduced to the European market must include the ISA i.e. Intelligent Speed ​​Assistance system.


The European Commission said in an official press release: “The introduction of ISA is a major step forward for road safety and has the potential to significantly reduce road traffic injuries and fatalities. Automakers now have the opportunity to maximize the potential of ISA, creating safer transportation for all.”

Moreover,  ISA can detect road speed limit systems through front cameras, GPS data, or both. Depending on the specific ISA and how the driver is configured, the technology can provide alert feedback about speed limits, automatically adjust cruise control to match road speed, or even reduce the power of the electric motor to deal with slow-moving vehicles.

Many drivers in Europe already use ISA-equipped vehicles, with major automakers such as Honda, Ford, Jeep, and Mercedes-Benz all selling ISA-equipped models in the European market. According to projections from EU-funded PROSPER, if ISA were made mandatory, it could reduce deaths by 26% to 50%.

However, ISA technology is not perfect. According to an Autocar test, the ISA system was occasionally “sluggish” and, on one occasion, limited the speed to 100 km/h while crossing a village.