Rivian EV software update supports ‘kneeling mode’, lowers ride height

According to the report, American electric car manufacturer Rivian recently launched an over-the-air software update 2022.39.03 for its R1T pickup and R1S SUV.

In addition to updating its EV’s user interface and Gear Guard safety system, Rivian is also highlighting ” Kneel Mode, ” which lowers the car’s ride height to about 10 inches (about 25.4 centimeters), making driving easier for occupants and passengers to get in and out of the vehicle.

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Rivian shared the full details of its software update, which, when activated, will lower the Rivian truck to 10 inches (if the car is equipped with 21-inch or 22-inch wheels) and remain stationary until the vehicle enters drive mode again, the descent process usually takes about five seconds.

Rivian EV Knee ModeAdditionally, the Kneeling Mode feature is also unavailable when the Rivian EV is in off-road or towing mode, as it may damage the vehicle or the towed load.

Moreover,  Rivian was established in 2009 and is an emerging electric car manufacturer. The company’s investors include Ford, Amazon and Cox Motors, etc. It is considered one of the most threatening competitors to Tesla.