Skarper launched innovative electric bike conversion kit will provide electric power to pedal bicycles

According to the latest report, Skarper has released an innovative electric bike conversion kit that uses disc brake rotors to provide electric power to pedal bicycles. Officially, the new kit can turn any disc-brake bike into an e-bike.


Moreover, the Skarper kit is a compact unit that can be attached to the rear wheel section of the bike, weighs only 3kg, and can seamlessly install/remove disc brake rotors. The Skarper rotors can be used as brakes and drives, providing up to 60km of range, and can be fully charged in 2.5 hours.

Skarper says a cadence sensor will be mounted on the crank to adjust the power output of the bike. In addition, six-time Olympic cycling champion Chris Hoy is one of Skarper’s investors, and he used his experience to develop and test the kit.

Furthermore, Skarper electric bike conversion kit may be mass-produced in 2023, and although the specific price has not yet been determined, it may cost as much as £1,000. The company also said it is in discussions with legacy bike brands to install the kit on standard bikes.


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