Stellantis introduces on-road wireless charging technology

According to the latest report, after months of testing on the “Arena del Futuro” circuit, the world’s fourth largest automaker Stellantis and its project partners demonstrated the capabilities of Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (DWPT) technology in Chiari, Italy, the electric car will be wirelessly charged as it travels on that dedicated lane.


Moreover, DWPT is a coil system placed under asphalt that can transmit energy directly to cars, trucks, and buses without the need to stop at a charging station to recharge the battery. The technology is available in all vehicles equipped with a special “receiver” that directly transfers energy from the road infrastructure to the electric motor, extending range while saving vehicle battery power.

Tests have shown that BEV models like Fiat’s new 500, when testing the system, can cruise at high speeds on highways without draining the energy stored in the battery. Tests have shown that the flow of energy from the asphalt to the car is as efficient as the typical efficiency of a fast-charging station, so drivers don’t need to stop to recharge. Furthermore, measurements of the magnetic field strength proved that the system had no effect on the body of the driver and passengers.

In addition, the “Arena del Futuro” future driving road test site uses direct current to reduce power losses during energy distribution and allows builders to use aluminum cables that are cheaper and easier to purchase. It is worth mentioning that Stellantis also promises that the road surface equipped with this technology has no exposed cable equipment, and even if there is an electric field, people can walk on the road safely.


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