Tesla releases FSD Beta v11.4.7.3 version

Tesla is continuously pushing the boundaries of automotive technology and the release of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta v11.4.7.3 is a testament to Tesla’s commitment to autonomous driving capabilities.

Tesla’s journey towards full self-driving capabilities has been marked by a series of software updates, each bringing the company closer to its ambitious goal. The FSD Beta v11.4.7.3 represents the latest step in this ongoing evolution.

According to the information, Tesla released its latest FSD Beta, v11.4.7.3, internally to some of its employees and then later expanded it to more customers.

This latest update only includes bug fixes to FSD as the release notes remain the same as v11.4.7.2. However, as Tesla continues fixing bugs with FSD Beta, we may see an iteration of v11.4.7 go into the main production builds, which currently include a slightly older build of FSD Beta, v11.4.4.

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Tesla releases FSD Beta v11.4.7.3 version

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