US EPA officially approves Tesla’s semi electric truck for delivery

According to the latest report, Tesla’s Semi electric truck was officially approved for delivery.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) confirmed that it has evaluated the semi-trailer truck and awarded it a certificate of conformity to enter the commercial process, which means that the semi-trailer truck can officially enter the commercial process.

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It is reported that Tesla released its Semi electric truck in November 2017, which uses the company’s 4680 battery. When fully loaded with 36 tons of cargo, its acceleration time from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers is 20 seconds, which is about half of the zero-to-100 acceleration time of traditional trucks; when it is empty, its acceleration time to 100 kilometers is even more amazing, reaching 5 seconds.

Since its release, Tesla has repeatedly delayed the production and launch of the Semi electric truck, mainly because the company faces a shortage of chips in the global auto industry and has to solve the capacity problem of the 4680 battery used in the truck.

Tesla semi electric truck deliveryIn May of this year, Tesla began accepting pre-orders for the Semi electric truck from regular customers with a deposit of $20,000. In mid-August, the company canceled pre-orders for the truck. At the same time, the company also revised the configuration information of this truck, changing from four motors to three motors.

In late August, Tesla shared some new photos of the Semi electric truck on its website. The photos show that the truck’s steering wheel is centered, with a display panel on the left and right sides of the steering wheel.

In early September this year, Tesla’s official website information showed that the company was recruiting technicians for the “Semi Service Program” (Semi Service Program) to prepare for the delivery of Semi electric semi-trailers to customers. On October 6 this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that deliveries of the Semi electric semi truck will begin on December 1.


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