Volkswagen CEO questions whether Apple plans to make cars

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess also attended today’s Qatar Economic Forum and delivered a speech. He said that Apple Car, which is currently rumored in the industry, is not sure if Apple really plans to produce a car, but they do want to provide cockpit software.

At this year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple released a new version of the car infotainment system CarPlay. American media analysis said that this is by no means a simple software update, but Apple is preparing the foundation for its upcoming smart electric vehicle.


Gurman previously said that despite the recent departure of people from the car project, he believes that Apple is still advancing car development. Since last year, the rumors about Apple building cars have not stopped.

At present, it is mainly divided into two factions: some people think that Apple will create an epoch-making product like the iPhone, that is, a complete vehicle; other people think that Apple locates suppliers to provide product solutions and autonomous driving technology to other car companies.

Mark Gurman said that Apple has a lot of relevant talent inside, including former Aston Martin interior manager Duncan Taylor former Aston Martin chief concept engineer Pete Jolley, former Tesla Steve MacManu, vice president of exteriors and interiors, and former Porsche executive Manfred Harrer, among others, look like they’re going to build the whole car.

While people familiar with the matter are skeptical about Apple’s goal of releasing a fully self-driving car around 2025, the company does have some difficulty releasing a car as early as 2025. But in any case, even without Autopilot, as long as it is well designed to interact with all the bells and whistles of the iPhone, Apple’s car could soon be a serious challenger to Tesla.


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