iOS 15/iPhone 13 Bugs: CarPlay is crashing when playing music using Apple Music or other apps

The Apple iPhone 13 series have been shipped on a large scale, the first to be equipped with an iOS 15 system. According to MacRumors, many users are now facing a new bug when using the new iPhones to connect to the car.

According to the report, attempting to play music from any ‌CarPlay‌ app causes the system to crash. It is worth mentioning that some users who used the previous generation iPhone 11/12 mobile phones also upgraded to the iOS 15 system, and did not encounter the same problem after connecting to CarPlay. It proves that this bug only appeared on the iPhone 13 series and has nothing to do with iOS 15.


This failure is not limited to Apple’s own Apple Music app but also when users use third-party apps to play music, it will cause a crash.

Some users said that disabling the EQ equalizer function in the music player can solve this bug. In addition, turning off the dark mode (“Late Night” toggle) of Apple Music can also solve the problem.

Recently, some users have also complained that Apple’s iOS 15 system has bugs causing the occasional automatic deletion of images, widgets, and storage.

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