OnePlus 10 Pro bug causing mic issues while talking on speaker phone call

OnePlus 10 Pro users facing annoying call speaker issue

OnePlus 10 Pro is one of the flagship smartphones in the market. The dynamic handset appeared on the consumer platform with eye-catching features and characteristics. But in the latest edition, the OnePlus 10 Pro has given rise to annoying call speaker issues that have become a headache for users.

As per the input revealings, a OnePlus 10 Pro user reported strange call speaker issues. While using the speaker mode during a call, the person on the other end is not able to hear the voice. Eventually, the speaker mode blocks the user’s voice and does not transmit the communication signal to the other end.

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The user further mentions that it happens numerous times within the same call. Although, on a clear note, the OnePlus 10 Pro owner said that it only creates issues when he picks up the phone call or starts walking while being on the call. Thus, the issue could be a reflection of a sudden jerk when on the call.

Another significant point is the issue automatically resolves when the user turns off the speaker mode and turns it on again.

While on speaker, suddenly sometimes the other person can’t hear me. If I then switch to the phones, and switch back to the speaker it works fine again.

OnePlus 10 Pro users facing annoying call speaker issue

Suggestion for the Call Speaker Issue

After reading the issue, a consumer comes around the table and suggested the OnePlus 10 Pro owner send feedback to the company. On the flip side, the user also mentioned that he has not come across any such issue on his OnePlus handset. Perhaps, it could be because he rarely uses the speaker mode on his device.

Well, the statement reflects that the issue is not normal and could have been affecting more OnePlus 10 Pro devices for the time being. However, if the issue stays, then the company should take a step to resolve it. So OnePlus 10 Pro users, are you facing the same call speaker issue in your handset? Let us know in the comment section.


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