OnePlus 10T users continue to deal with touch screen response issue

OnePlus 10T users are persistently complaining about some or the other issues, related to the display aspect. In the current scenario, OnePlus 10T phone holders are stuck with a strange touchscreen issue and dealing with it for a long time.

A user recently bumped into the community forum asking whether it’s only his OnePlus 10T device that is confronting the touch screen issue, or whether there are more who are going through the same trouble. As per the details, the display doesn’t respond productively in some situations.


In response, many users aligned in the comment section, sharing their experience with the OnePlus 10T device, these days. Consequently, a user said that almost every 10T smartphone user is grumbling the same problem.

Adding more, the user mentioned that the number of users suffering from this defect in their OnePlus 10T handset increased, after the latest OxygenOS 13 update.

Meanwhile, another consumer jumped into the comment section and noted that this issue often appears while playing. In contrast, some other individuals said that he doesn’t indulge in games and is facing the issue during day-to-day usage.

“Okay. I don’t play games. I have faced it during day-to-day usage. So quite a weird feeling when screen touch becomes unresponsive”

Of course, the problem is very unusual. A smartphone is mainly known for its touch screen. And what if the main segment stops working efficiently? Obviously, the device becomes quite irritating and a piece of disappointment to operate.

To mend the problem, these users have tried several tricks. For instance, a OnePlus 10T owner removed the screen protector glass thinking that it could solve the issue. Although it didn’t help in any manner. On the flip side, consumers also attempted the factory reset option, but still, they didn’t see a change.

We hope that the company will soon push a new update for the OnePlus 10T smartphone with better touchscreen fixes. Till then, let us know whether you are dealing with the same issue or if are you on the greener side.

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