OnePlus Nord 2t users facing Battery draining issue

OnePlus Nord 2T Battery

Battery is the key element of any smartphone, and everyone expects a good battery life from their newly purchased device. But things are totally different for OnePlus Nord 2T users, the owners are facing several issues with the battery of their recently bought device.


OnePlus launched the Nord 2T smartphone in the mid of the year 2022 and the device started creating issues for users before its first-year anniversary. The users are facing lots of issues with the battery and charging, notably, this was not expected from a manufacturer like OnePlus.

Several users of the OnePlus Nord 2T have reported their complaints on the OnePlus Community forum, which explains the trouble that they are facing after purchasing this smartphone. Not only the battery but there are some more bugs that the users are confronting.

OnePlus Nord 2T BatteryAs per the reports, some users get their battery charged in just 10 minutes whereas some are getting their smartphones switched off even after getting connected with a charger. To be mentioned, the issue is not limited to any country, it’s been occurring in every OnePlus Nord 2T device around the world.

Users are reporting this issue for a long time but have not yet gotten any response from the company officials, which is making users angry. It can also lead owners to switch to a different brand because it’s just a waste of money. We can hope that company will soon resolve this matter.


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