OnePlus Nord 3 overheating battery issues

Let me cry! OnePlus Nord 3 dealing again with overheating and battery issues

OnePlus Nord 3 is an excellent smartphone, but it seems like this phrase has just become a myth and there is no truth in it anymore. In the current scenario, some users have once again reported overheating and battery issues for their OnePlus Nord 3 handsets.

So far, the Chinese OEM has served several updates to the OnePlus Nord 3 smartphone to improve its battery life. Alongside this, the company sent many new versions related to stability and internal refinements. However, none of them worked in favor of the device’s durability.

Once again, OnePlus Nord 3 phone holders are struggling with overheating as well as battery issues. Sharing experience, one user said that despite the latest firmware and optimizations, the Nord 3 battery is quite weak and annoying.

“OnePlus Nord 3 The phone gets very hot and the battery is very weak. It is a general problem that everyone has, and when I updated with the support representative, he told me to go to the nearest maintenance center. Unfortunately, the software is very, very bad.”

OnePlus should pay attention!

It’s time for OnePlus to turn its focal point towards an effective hardware segment. Lowering the cost and providing brilliant design as well as color concepts won’t make the device a powerful competitor in the market. Let’s see what more improvements the company will make to renovate the Nord 3 phone in the coming days.

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OnePlus Nord 3 overheating battery issues

Let me cry! OnePlus Nord 3 dealing again with overheating and battery issues

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