OnePlus internet connectivity issues

OnePlus shares solution for internet connectivity issues

Hey OnePlus users, are you facing random internet or Wi-Fi connectivity issues on your smartphone? If this is the case, then don’t worry as the tech giant has finally responded on this matter and given a quick tip on how you can help out yourself in such scenarios.

Accordingly, the Chinese OEM is sitting around the FAQ table for July 2023 and answering the most commonly asked queries. Here, a user brought up the question of why the mobile data stopped working randomly. To be mentioned, many OnePlus phone holders have reported this issue in recent times.

However, OnePlus finally shared solutions to internet connectivity issues. Responding to the respective query, the official moderator said that it has been a known issue and the company is constantly putting efforts to make the connection segments better in the coming days. Till then, users can fill out the OxygenOS Feedback form and submit their issues.

  • OxygenOS Feedback FormLink

On the flip side, the mod said to try resetting the phone network settings. Thereafter, turn off the phone, wait for a few seconds, and turn it on. Often some functions enabled in our handset lead to network issues. Although a quick scan and alterations can help out.

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OnePlus internet connectivity issues

OnePlus shares solution for internet connectivity issues

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