Samsung One UI 4 Beta 3 will bring fix for Color Theme (Material You) issue

Samsung unveiled the Android 12‘s Material You theming engine with the One UI 4 Beta 2 for the Galaxy S21 series of smartphones. However, the development of this feature is at a very early stage, and there are some performance-related errors and bugs that need to be fixed.


As per the official information, Samsung Beta Operations Manager has confirmed that in the next One UI 4 beta update the Material You error will be fixed. Recently, it is officially revealed that the engineers are working hard to start the release of One UI 4 Beta 3 this week.

Some Galaxy S21 series smartphone users have reported a bug in the color theme feature of One UI 4 beta. According to users, choosing a color theme works well after selecting a wallpaper, or a bug with a fluorescent background appears, but it disappears after a restart.

The user said“After setting the color theme and returning to the default color, it reboots. The color theme is not applied. Even if I set the wallpaper again and set the default color, it reboots.”

Samsung adapted the Android 12 Material You dynamic theme system to One UI 4.0 and added support for third-party icon packs. This impressive feature will change the look and feel of the entire user interface depending on the wallpaper chosen by the user.

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