Several OnePlus users facing Red/Green Line issue after upgrading OxygenOS 13

OnePlus is busy rolling out the major OxygenOS 13 update for the remaining eligible devices, however, in between this update has caused trouble for some users. Owners of the OnePlus devices are facing the Green and Red line issue after upgrading to OxygenOS 13.


Android 13-based OxygenOS 13 is a significant upgrade and includes lots of great functionalities, but among these several optimizations, it too has some cons. No one can imagine the issue from this major OxygenOS 13 update but the Green and Red line issue is appearing on the devices.

Notably, not only one device but there are several device owners who are facing the same problem on their OnePlus smartphones. The users are complaining that their device shows colorful lines on the display such as green, red, pink and it leads to unrecognized fingerprint.

 OxygenOS 13 green red line issueThrough the official community app, we get to know that some users also contacted the OnePlus official store and some on the retail stores but they didn’t get satisfactory replies. Users are said to change the display of their devices which is annoying them.

The main concern about this matter is that OnePlus is not responding at all, but we can expect that the company should resolve this major issue by releasing some or the other update. So that users can not lose their belief in this Chinese manufacturer.

As of now, we can only wait for the official reply, and if you are also facing the same problem in your OnePlus device then let us know in the comment section below.


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