Stable OxygenOS 13 bring some big issues for OnePlus 10T users

Stable OxygenOS 13 bring some big issues for OnePlus 10T users

Yesterday, OnePlus released the stable OxygenOS 13 software update for the OnePlus 10T smartphone users. Being a major upgrade, the new firmware brings some efficient home screen improvements and camera fixes for the device’s system. However, some OnePlus 10T handset owners are dealing with big issues after installing the official OxygenOS 13 version.

As per the input revealings, many OnePlus 10T smartphone users are stuck with calling issues when updated to OxygenOS 13 version. On the flip side, a few consumers are also confronting network connectivity defects. Eventually, it looks like the new stable update has not satisfied the OnePlus 10T users much.

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Adding more, a user recently reported that he encountered some serious calling issues on his OnePlus 10T device after the stable OxygenOS 13 upgrade. Accordingly, the user is not able to hear another person when on the phone call and vice versa. Although, the speakers, ear speakers, and microphone are working appropriately.

“This update has some serious calling issues. My speakers, ear speakers, and microphone are working fine. I have tested with multiple methods but when I am calling someone, they can’t hear me as well as I can’t hear them. Even when they are calling me they also have the same issue.”

Stable OxygenOS 13 bring some big issues for OnePlus 10T usersThe user further recommended not to install the update as it might bring the same bug to others as well. In the meantime, other users also come around the table and put forth their statement of finding the same issue in their OnePlus 10T smartphone.

Another strange point is the issue not only remained stagnant in the OnePlus 10T models but also surfaced on other devices. For instance, the OnePlus 9 Pro, and the OnePlus 9RT.

While users are reporting the new bug, many OnePlus 10T owners replied that the update is quite smooth and there isn’t any issue for the moment. Perhaps, the issue could be the effect of the adaptation process. Hence, we will recommend users wait and check if the issue persists after a duration or not.

Are you also facing the same issue? If yes, then let us know in the comment section.


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