Xiaomi users reporting camera issues after MIUI 14 update

MIUI 14 camera issues

Xiaomi announced the MIUI 14, as a more reliable version of the MIUI as compared to its predecessor, and we believe it’s true to some extent. But not in all aspects, because some Xiaomi users are constantly complaining about the camera issues that they are facing after upgrading the device to MIUI 14.

As per the report of the users, they have started facing some annoying camera issues just after installing the MIUI 14 software on their respective devices. One user stated that even without pressing the record button, moving objects freeze for a split second.

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Additionally, when recording video in all modes, the same problem arises. However, the recording is no longer smooth, and the movement of the camera or the movement of objects is trembling, this is ruining the whole photography experience even after having a flagship device.

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Therefore, the company has not yet responded to any of the complaints. Though, we can expect that the Chinese tech maker will fix this issue with the upcoming security patches. However, to fix this issue, you can try cleaning the cache of your camera, if that doesn’t work, then reboot your device.

Although, even after updating to the stable version, your device takes some time to adopt the changes of the latest software. So, some common issues like overheating, battery draining, and abnormal working of apps are normal. We recommend you wait for three to four days and let your device embrace the changes.

MIUI 14 camera issues

Erase object feature

With the MIUI 14 software, Xiaomi has added a new feature to its gallery application, that will help users to make their photographs precise. It means if you have clicked a picture and it mistakenly captures the shadow, presence of any third person, or any other object, which does not look suitable in the photograph.

Then you can remove or erase that particular area with the help of this tool. Additionally, it works so perfectly that, no one can determine, if there was something or not, and all this could be performed on the Xiaomi gallery itself. Read more.

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