Apple employees now have right to discuss working conditions and compensation

According to an employee memo obtained by NBC, after employees of one of the world’s most valuable companies caused internal disputes over the issue of employee income for several months, Apple announced that employees have the right to discuss working conditions and compensation.

Now, according to this memo, Apple tells employees that they have the right to discuss their pay and express their concerns externally, a major change for this well-known and mysterious technology giant.

The memo was posted on Apple’s internal staffing website, which can be accessed by 80,000 Apple temporary and salaried employees in the United States.
Our policy does not prohibit employees from freely discussing their wages, working hours, or working conditions. “We encourage any concerned employees to raise these issues in a manner they feel most comfortable with, whether internally or externally, including through their manager, any Apple manager, Personnel Support. personnel, business partners, or business dealings.

The memo was a victory for Apple organizers like Cher Scarlett, who accused the National Labor Relations Commission that the company had restricted discussion of pay by shutting down informal paychecks and blocking pay parity Slack channels. There are also working conditions.


Since August, there have been 8 allegations of unfair labor practices against Apple, with issues ranging from illegal dismissals to harassment. One of the charges has been dismissed.
The NLRB, the federal agency responsible for overseeing US labor laws, is investigating the remaining seven charges. If any of the allegations are found to be credible, it could compel Apple to issue a notice similar to the one issued today, confirming that workers have the right to comment.

Professor Veena Dubal, from the University of California Hastings School of Law, said: “It’s a win for employees because it shows that Apple knows they will lose if the matter is ruled out. But it’s not a case of unfair labor practices.” It also emphasizes the protection of the law against how little the workers’ resistance is, and how much they can get if their organizational rights are violated.”

For months, Apple employees have been giving a befitting reply that their income is not transparent. Apple’s Diversity and Inclusion page explain. “Globally, employees of all genders have equal income when they are engaged in similar jobs and have comparable experience and performance.

However, employees who took informal pay surveys discovered potential pay gaps and asked Apple to explore these gaps further. He says that the company did not do this.
Apple also closed three pay parity checks initiated by employees on the grounds that it restricts the collection of personally identifiable information and does not allow such checks on a company’s company account.

In September, Apple software engineer Scarlett filed NLRB charges against the company, claiming that when workers tried to discuss their wages, the company retaliated against workers engaged in protected activities. It recently reached a settlement with Apple and asked the NLRB to withdraw its allegations.

“Scarlett and other brave employees helped Apple reveal pay fairness and transparency issues,” said her attorney, Alexander Felestina. “Therefore, communication between employees in different departments of the company is taking place in an unprecedented manner and on a large scale. We expect this important organizational function to continue.”

Scarlett said that she could not talk about the details of her settlement. She also could not comment on whether she plans to continue working with the advocacy organization #AppleToo she helped create.

One of the co-founders of the organization, Janneke Parish, was fired by Apple in October because she was under investigation. She also filed allegations of unfair labor practices against the company, claiming that the company retaliated against its organizational behavior.

Parish said he believes Apple’s latest memo is a major victory for employees. She said: “For months we have been saying that workers have rights and that our voices should be heard. Apple has repeatedly tried to block us from using our voices to discuss working conditions and wages. This memorandum shows that we have a legitimate voice. The right to work together. It also shows the strength of the concerted efforts of workers. When we work together and talk.


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