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Google employees doubt Bard capabilities, here’s why

Google Bard is one of the best AI-powered tools but it seems as if some of the company’s employees are having doubt over Bard’s capabilities. In a recently-held discussion, several employees kept their opinions and thoughts regarding the ultimate tech product.

This discussion event has comprised Google designers, engineers, and product managers. In the conversation, Bard senior product manager Dominik Rabiej said such a statement that reflected doubt on Google AI’s capabilities:

“My rule of thumb is not to trust LLM [large language model] output unless I can independently verify it… Would love to get it to a point that you can, but it isn’t there yet.”

At the same time, some employees think Bard will show the sort of results that the company intends.

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Google Bard capabilities


Google employees doubt Bard capabilities, here’s why

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