LG Display’s OLED panel expansion plans slow due to supply chain limitations

According to the latest report, the shortage of chips that started at the beginning of last year has affected many fields such as automobiles and consumer electronics, and it is still ongoing, especially in the automotive field, have been affected by the shortage of chips, resulting in different levels of factory shutdowns.


However, it is not only the automobile and other fields that are affected by the shortage of parts but the panel production field has also affected the shortage of parts. The latest reports from the source show that supply chain constraints have affected the expansion of LG Display OLED panels, resulting in a slowdown in their expansion plans.

According to the source, LG Display’s delivery time for some of the components needed to produce OLED panels has doubled, which has led to a delay in their capacity expansion plans.

The sources also mentioned in the report that although it is the main OLED panel manufacturer in South Korea, only 9% of the equipment they need is supplied by Korean manufacturers, and these equipment manufacturers are currently unable to manufacture and supply LG Display.

In terms of OLED panel manufacturing, South Korea has two major companies, LG Display and Samsung Display. LG Display has obvious advantages in large-size OLED panels required for TVs, etc., while Samsung Display has an advantage in OLED panels required for smartphones. Both manufacturers are suppliers of OLED panels for the iPhone, with Samsung Display supplying more.

Moreover, the sources also mentioned in the report that the problems encountered by LG Display are expanding OLED panel production capacity may also affect Samsung Display, but they have not yet had accurate information.


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