MediaTek’s global 5G smartphone shipments will reach 500 million units this year

by Mohit

MediaTek held a new product launch conference for the Dimensity series online today. At the press conference, Xu Jingquan, deputy general manager of MediaTek, declared that the global shipments of 5G smartphones in 2020 will exceed 200 million, and it is expected that the shipments of 5G mobile phones will reach 500 million in 2021, which will increase the growth.

Xu Jingquan said that MediaTek has launched 5G Dimensity series covering mid-to-low-end high-end products within one year, such as Dimensity 1000 series, Dimensity 800 series, and Dimensity 700 series, thus satisfying everyone’s demand for the rapid growth of 5G.

According to its report, the global shipments of Dimensity 5G mobile chips in 2020 will reach 45 million.

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Regarding the development of the 5G market in 2021, Xu Jingquan said that it will increase the growth in 2021, and it is expected that the shipment of 5G mobile phones in 2021 will reach 500 million.

Recently, MediaTek officially released its new chipsets that are Dimensity 1100 and Dimensity 1200 using TSMC’s latest 6nm process. Both of the SoCs are first to use the Cortex-A78 and are above the previous Dimensity 1000+ processor.

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