Samsung Display developing new two-stock tandem OLED panel for Apple

Samsung Display features a mass-produced ‘single stock’ OLED with just one light-emitting layer to target the OLED market for Apple IT products. Is now developing ‘two-stock tandem’ OLEDs that combine two layers of display OLED light-emitting layers.


According to the report, Samsung’s ‘Two-Stock Tandem‘ technology of display will eventually convert the light-emitting layer (EML) into a two-layer organic light-emitting diode (OLED from the end of last year.

Moreover, Samsung’s two-stock tandem OLED material set being developed by Samsung Display is named ‘T Series’, to target the Apple IT products market tarting with the first OLED iPad to be released in 2024, Apple plans to introduce OLED to the MacBook (laptop) and iMac (PC) respectively.

Further, Samsung Display is reportedly planning to conduct evaluations with potential customers after developing the first T-Series product T1 material set. The next product, T2, is targeted for mass production by 2024. Apple’s first OLED iPad is expected to be released in 2024.

However, The company T series is expected to apply to Samsung IT products before Apple. Although Apple is the largest player in the market for IT products such as tablets and laptops, Samsung needs to maintain its leadership in OLED technology.

For this reason, two-stock tandem OLEDs are expected to be implemented in Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Tab (tablet) and Galaxy Book (notebook) almost a year earlier than Apple’s iPad and MacBook.

Via – SammyFans


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