Samsung Display is planning to build new production line for notebook OLEDs

Samsung Display will initially launch 14-inch, 90Hz LED displays starting in March. While most laptops and notebooks now offer a 60 Hz refresh rate. Earlier, Samsung Display has announced that it will mass-produce the world’s first 90 Hz LED laptops in the first quarter of this year.

Meanwhile, Samsung Display plans to build a medium-sized OLED production line with a scale of 30,000 (30K) sheets per month based on the input of original plates at the A4 plant.

Here, it produces OLED panels for laptops in the 18-20 inch range. It is known that Samsung Display brings ‘N’, which means notebook, and calls it ‘N Project’. The company also called the production of liquid crystal display (LCD) notebook panels ‘N Project’.

It is reported that the notebook OLED production equipment of the A4 plant will be ordered this season and will be stocked at the end of the year as early as the end of next year at the latest. Since Samsung Display has already produced notebook OLED panels, it will not take much time to mass-produce after the installation of the facility is completed.

Samsung Display has made OLED panels for notebook computers by partly restoring the A2 and A3 production lines in Tangjeong, Asan. A2 mainly produces smartphones and smartwatches, and A3 mainly produces OLED panels for Samsung Galaxy S and Note and Apple iPhone.

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Samsung Display has already announced that it will increase the production of OLED panels for notebooks externally. Earlier this month, the company announced that it will launch more than 10 types of notebook OLED panels by diversifying the screen size and detailed specifications from the existing 13.3-inch to 16-inch this year.

Samsung Display predicted that this year’s notebook OLED sales will increase more than five times over the previous year. The ‘Samsung OLED’ brand was also revealed.


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