Samsung smartphones secured second position in four Southeast Asian countries during Q3, 2020: Report

by Mohit

Samsung smartphones become the second largest market share in all four Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia and Vietnam. First place went to China Oppo. The smartphone market size in the four Southeast Asian countries has increased by 8% compared to last year.

The four Southeast Asian countries are the largest market with a population of 530 million, of which 267 million are in Indonesia, 97 million in Vietnam, 100 million in the Philippines, and 66 million in Thailand.

According to market research firm Counterpoint Research, Oppo, the largest smartphone market in Southeast Asia, has a market share of 20 percent. Samsung came in second with a 19% market share. Samsung has shown weakness in the online market compared to the offline market.

In the third quarter of last year, the smartphone market size in the four Southeast Asian countries increased by 8% compared to the previous year. 20% of online sales are in the Indonesian market. Indonesia accounts for more than half of the smartphone market sales in Southeast Asia.

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The increase in the proportion of online sales is analyzed by COVID 19. Xiaomi is a leader in online marketing. The company has the largest market share in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Vivo leads the offline market and won first place in Indonesia and the Philippines. Samsung is particularly strong in Vietnam. It has 40% of Vietnam’s offline market share and retains the number one position.

Although Realme ranks second in the online market in all three countries except the Philippines, it has a 50 percent market share in the Philippines online market. Realme topped the overall rankings of online markets in four countries.

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