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Sony expects to struggle to meet the PS5’s demand into 2022

by Mohit

According to a Bloomberg report, Sony is expected to struggle to meet the PS5’s demand in 2022. The news came through Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s chief financial officer, who warned investors that the PS5 shortage would continue in the future.

Speaking to Totoki, he said, “I do not think demand will calm down this year and even though we have stockpiled a lot more equipment and will be producing more PS5 units next year, our supply will not be able to meet demand.”

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As of March 31, Sony reported selling 7.8 million PS5 systems, slightly more than the PS4 sold in the first five months on the market. However, the PS4 continued its performance, reaching 115.9 million units by the end of March.

Speaking to investors, Totoki said, “We have sold over 100 million units of the PlayStation 4, and given our market share and reputation, I can not imagine leaving demand so easily.” Sony has said that the PS5 will have to continue production if it wants to keep track (or more) of the PS4 sales figures.

The lack of components such as semiconductors made it very difficult for Sony PS5 to meet the demands. The lack of semiconductors has also affected the production of Nintendo switch systems, which are expected to be hard to find for the better part of the year and even rarer for the future.

There have been rumors that both Sony and Nintendo have hardware upgrades for the PS5 and Switch, respectively, although no company has confirmed what those updates are.


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