Home Business Tesla is expected to produce 4680 batteries at a recently purchased place near Giga, Texas

Tesla is expected to produce 4680 batteries at a recently purchased place near Giga, Texas

by Ashish

According to the information shown in public database files in Austin, Texas, Tesla has purchased new land in the eastern part of the Texas Gigafactory. The project is called “Lynx”, which has triggered the outside world. Speculation about its use.

It is reported that the contents of the above documents show that Tesla’s newly purchased land area reaches 150.21 acres, which is equivalent to 6543147.6 square feet. Tesla completed the land acquisition through its subsidiary Colorado River Project in Texas.

The documents show that Tesla has submitted plot planning and environmental assessment, but it also needs to submit several other documents. According to Andy Linseisen, Assistant Director of the Austin Development Services Department, Tesla has been carrying out restoration work near the Austin Gigafactory since last year in order to gradually reduce mining operations on this land.

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Tesla plans to add additional facilities to the large tracts of land it owns around Austin. As of now, there is no confirmed news about the purpose of the newly purchased land. However, speculative news from all parties has been raging. Most people believe that the newly purchased land will be used for the construction of battery cell production facilities.

Some people point out that the speculation that Tesla is preparing to produce 4680 battery cells on its own is not unreasonable. In September last year, the battery cell made its debut at Tesla’s Battery Day event. And Tesla had a battery production plant in the past and used the name of a cat as a code name.

Therefore, while Tesla purchased new land in Texas, it also launched the Bobcat program. According to speculation, the Bobcat plan is likely to be a battery production plant. In addition, it has established a Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany, and is expanding the output of its first overseas operation plant in Shanghai.

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