US smartphone market saw a 6% YoY decline in Q4 2020, yet Apple and Samsung with positive growth: Report

by Mohit

According to Counterpoint Research report, shows that the U.S. smartphone market declined 6% in the fourth quarter of 2020, according to the latest data from the US Channel Share Tracker.

Due to strong launches during the holidays and strong demand for premium devices, Apple and Samsung have only achieved good growth in the quarter. Despite the overall negative growth, 2021 is fast gaining momentum. As in the third quarter of 2020, the market is on the path to recovery in the fourth quarter.

The QoQ growth was 24% due to high iPhone sales and strong demand for Samsung Galaxy devices. Despite the delay in the release of the iPhone 12, Apple is up 14% and Samsung increased by 5 percent.

Jeff Fieldhawk, Director of Carrier Strategies, US Mobile Devices, said, Q4 2020 is a quarterly challenge for many OEMs, especially building materials for the prepaid and low-cost band markets.

Its economic impact can be seen in the negative growth of many OEMs during the quarter. Congress has not yet reached the new stage of the stimulus test set for the expiration of unemployment benefits, which has reduced demand for the sub $300 smartphone market.

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On the other hand, the premium devices performed better this quarter. There is a high demand for high priced bands as consumers spend a portion of their savings on new gadgets during the holidays.

Research analyst Maurice Klein said we saw two bright spots on the market. Despite the delay in the release of the iPhone 12, Apple has had a very strong YOY growth period. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals involving carriers for switchers and upgraders.

AT&T’s upgrade offers to allow customers to trade on older devices with discounts of up to 99,799, making the iPhone 12 a convenient unlimited plan and trade-in device. The initial waiting time for Pro models, especially the iPhone 12 Pro Max, is three weeks. Due to this strong demand for new iPhones and supply shortages in Q4 by 2020, we expect sales to expand to Q1 by 2021.

However, January and February are the months when the market slows down and Samsung’s chances of momentum and capitalization are slim according to Apple’s current.


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