Grab Galaxy S22 from AT&T with special trade-in offer in the US

Every time AT&T provides amazing deals these include discounts on smartphones and other technology products, various bundles, and more. Currently, you can also get deals on AT&T’s new TV service. AT&T is offering ridiculously good trade-in deals on the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series.


When you sign up for a new service line, you can get the full $800 trade-in value in your new Galaxy by changing almost any phone in any case, this is not an exaggeration.

To qualify for full trade-in value, your old phone must have a trade-in value of just $35. For instance, you may have an older Galaxy S8 with a cracked screen that will not turn on. It does not matter – it saves $800.

Assuming your old device deserves full savings, the deal means that the Galaxy S22 is free after receiving the bill credit. The Galaxy S22 Plus requires just $ 199.99 and the Galaxy S22 Ultra drops to $399.99. If you were pre-order by February 24 you will also get a free memory upgrade on the model of your choice.

The second important requirement of the deal is that you sign up for the new 36-month unlimited line at a minimum of $75 per month. The widgets below will take you to the offers.

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