Xiaomi Mijia full-effect Air Purifier goes on sale at 538 USD

Xiaomi Mijia Air purifier sale

Xiaomi Mijia full-effect air purifier with aldehyde detoxification technology goes on sale today. The initial price of the air purifier is 3699 yuan and the suggested retail price is 3999 yuan.

Going toward the details, the Xiaomi Mijia full-effect air purifier is a new flagship air purifier launched by Xiaomi that aims to provide more space-saving for small and medium-sized users.

The appearance adopts the four-leaf clover pioneer design, the four-curved curved streamline is simple and elegant, and the whole appliance is light and small in size. A variety of air pollution such as TVOC was taken down in one fell swoop.

The CADR of Mijia full-effect air purifier is 700m³/h for particulate matter, and 390m³/h for formaldehyde, with an applicable area of ​​up to 84m², an air volume of 11666L per minute, and can complete the purification of the whole house in 2.6 minutes.

The Mijia full-effect air purifier uses the same “formaldehyde decomposing” black technology as the Ultra model. The catalytic aldehyde decomposing filter element equipped with this technology can continuously decompose formaldehyde into water and carbon dioxide without secondary pollution.

Xiaomi Mijia Air purifier sale

It will release pollution, and the catalytic components participate in the reaction without consumption, and the removal of aldehydes is long-lasting and effective. The aldehyde removal filter element adopts a separate separation design, which is cleverly designed between the HEPA filter element and the activated carbon layer.

This “new sandwich structure” design can not only catalyze the decomposition of formaldehyde but also catalyze the decomposition of ozone and acetic acid, effectively extending the life of the activated carbon filter element. At the time of replacing the filter element, you only need to remove the outer set and insert the “aldehyde can decompose” filter element into a new filter element set.

The HEPA filter layer is also added with antibacterial and antiviral double coatings. To better improve the performance of sterilization and disinfection.  The purifier is also equipped with self-developed Infinity-UV full-width light curtain technology, using 4 UV headlights and high-strength reflective aluminum film coating, and much more.

Once this full-effect air purifier is turned on, the air passes through the washable primary filter in turn, intercepting fine debris and hair, and prolonging the life of the filter element, the anti-virus coating and anti-bacterial coating destroy the virus protein, inactivates it, and intercept, Inhibit bacteria at high-efficiency.

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Further, the nano-scale filter material, 99.5% high-efficiency filter out 0.08-0.09μm pollutants, catalytic aldehyde decomposition filter element, decomposes aldehyde, no need to be replaced, porous impregnated activated carbon, removes formaldehyde, TVOC and other gaseous pollutants, Curtain ultraviolet UV module, disinfection and sterilization, to maintain the cleanliness of the filter element.

So, what are you waiting for, make the air of your surroundings fresh and be protected from germs and viruses with this Xiaomi Mijia full-effect Air Purifier, the sale is live you can grab one for your sweet home.


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