Apple developing many key technologies for its self-driving car

Today, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty released an investment report Friday local time, saying that although Apple’s electric cars are still a few years away, its stock price is already tested.

Apple’s electric vehicles are the most obvious path to doubling Apple’s revenue and market value and achieving long-term sustainable growth. In short, we should focus on Apple’s electric vehicles.


Apple could change the dynamics of the self-driving car market. The company isn’t the first smartphone maker, but it’s committed to creating compelling software systems to help it catch up. “There is evidence that after entering a new market, Apple will become the catalyst for expanding the market on an incredible scale.” He believes that “Apple could accelerate the popularity of self-driving cars.

Apple car

According to Huberty Apple is already developing several key technologies for self-driving cars, including processors, sensors, and batteries, so it has a better understanding of how to solve complex technical, safety, performance, and manufacturing issues and compare them to other manufacturers they have the ability to implement fast the mass production.