Apple iPad Pro 2022: New iPad Pro could support a larger Apple logo for wireless charging

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Update 1, January 15 (11:55 ET) ― Glass Apple logo for wireless charging

Glass Apple logo for wireless charging

According to 9to5mac, Apple has developed iPad Pro prototypes with a larger Apple logo made of glass, which supports wireless charging.

The new iPad prototype features strong MagSafe magnets than iPhone, supports faster wireless charging speeds.

As a result, power would be transmitted through the glass logo. The prototype also has stronger magnets to prevent accidents, and it supports charges at faster speeds than MagSafe for iPhone.

The report also claimed that the company may have removed the glass back design after testing, possibly due to breakability concerns.



JUNE 04, 2021

Apple is developing a new iPad Pro that supports wireless charging. At the same time, in order to support wireless charging technology, the new model will abandon the aluminum alloy back cover used in previous generations and use it instead. Glass back cover. This new iPad Pro that supports wireless charging will be launched next year.

In addition, Bloomberg also pointed out that although all current iPad models use USB-C or Lightning ports for charging, Apple is testing the use of MagSafe magnetic charging in the new iPad Pro models, similar to the iPhone 12 that Apple launched last year. MagSafe magnetic charging form.

It is worth mentioning that Bloomberg also mentioned that Apple may also add a reverse wireless charging function to the iPad Pro, allowing users to charge iPhone, AirPods, and other accessories on the back of the iPad Pro. It is rumored that Apple has also developed a reverse wireless charging function for the iPhone, but it has not really implemented it.

The Apple WWDC 21 Developer Conference will be held on June 8, when Apple will release a new MacBook Pro equipped with a new generation of M-series chips. In addition, Bloomberg said that Apple will launch a new iPad Mini this year, and friends who are interested can pay attention to it.

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