2022 iPhones to come with Vapor Chamber (VC) cooling system: Analyst

by Ashish

The usage of smartphones has increased in the last couple of years and with the high-performance chipsets, the power consumption has increased which leads to heat generation of smartphone CPUs.

To avoid heat generation in the smartphone units, the chip manufacturer has tried a number of solutions heat dissipation, VC (Vapor Chamber) heat dissipation, plate heat dissipation, and air dissipation to reduce the heat generation of the smartphone as much as possible and ensure a smooth smartphone experience.

According to the latest report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is likely to add the VC cooling system in its future high-end iPhones. If the reliability of VC can be smoothly improved, VC cooling may be adopted on the flagship iPhones in 2022 at the earliest.

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The VC (Vapor chamber) is a soaking plate that is used as a way of transferring heat with high efficiency. With some improvements for computing power in the equipment, the high-end iPhones will get support for VC cooling technology.

Kuo further elaborated that the iPhone has not yet adopted the VC cooling and it is possible that the VC cooling is unable to meet Appleā€™s parameters. However, as Apple continues to improve the reliability of VC heat dissipation, it is definitely a certainty that the future flagship iPhone will carry VC heat dissipation in the future.


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