Apple announces watchOS 9 with several new watch face options

Apple released iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and watchOS 9 systems, and has released the first developer preview Beta. Apple’s watchOS 9 update introduces several new watch face options: a “moon phase” watch face depicting the relationship between the Gregorian and lunar calendars, which can be used in Chinese, Islamic, Hebrew, and other cultural settings.


Moreover, a unique dynamic artwork “Joyful” The “Time” dial, created by Apple Watch in collaboration with artist Joi Fulton; the elegant “Metropolis” dial that changes style when the user turns the Digital Crown; and the completely recreated “Astronomy” dial, available New star map function and cloud data function. In addition, several existing watch faces have been improved.

Furthermore, the “phases of the moon” depict the relationship between the Gregorian calendar and the lunar calendar, which is used in cultures including Chinese, Islamic, and Hebrew up four complications are available for this watch face.

Happy Hour is a fun, dynamic Apple Watch face with animated numbers designed in collaboration with artist Joi Fulton. Rotating the digital crown changes the background with animated confetti, and if you tap on them, the character reacts. You can choose to use a confetti background or a solid color background but without the complexity.

The Cosmopolitan is a classic Apple Watch face that changes style when you turn the Digital Crown. The custom-designed figures vary in style and weight and rotate into a pill when the wrist is down. Up to four complications can be added to the circular dial, and the colors can be customized.

“Astronomy” is actually an improved version of the original astronomical dial, but it’s been remastered to include a new star map and current cloud data based on your location. You can set the Earth, Moon, or Solar System as the main view and customize the font. It supports two complications, turning the Digital Crown to fast-forward or rewind to see the moon phase/planet position for another day.

As for the existing watch faces, watchOS 9 adds enhanced and modernized complications, as well as some design updates. Portrait faces have depth effects for more photos, including cats, dogs, and landscapes, and Chinese scripts have been added to the California and Typograph dials. watchOS 9 is available for Apple Watch Series 4 and later, but not Apple Watch Series 3.


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