Apple Cash recurring payments iOS 17

Apple Cash will support recurring payments with iOS 17

Apple iOS 17 is already full of ultimate features, but it looks like the company is planning to add some more useful changes in the time ahead. In a press release held today, the tech maker said that iOS 17 will impose recurring payments support in Apple Cash.

For your information, the manufacturer has available the new recurring payments support for Apple Cash in iOS 17 beta 1. At the moment, the feature is limited to developers. However, a surety is we could find this functionality with the stable release.

Adding some more details to this matter, recurring payments will enable users to schedule weekly, biweekly, or monthly Cash payments for specific contacts. This could be understood with an example.

Suppose you study outside and live in a rental house. Here, your parents can use this feature to send you money and can even use it for other allowances. On the flip side, your roommates can get help for sharing the rent or other bills, without forgetting about the payment stuff.

Here is what Apple says on this matter:

“Set up recurring payments with Apple Cash. Apple Cash users will be able to set up weekly, biweekly, or monthly Apple Cash payments, making it even easier for parents to pay allowances or for users to pay back friends and family for regularly shared expenses, such as rent payments.”

That’s not it. There is one more feature, which will soon make its way to the Apple Cash – Reload Balance. Yes, the app will get the ability to automatically reload your balance when it starts to run low. Eventually, this will move money from your bank account to Apple Cash to ensure you always have sufficient money. Let’s see what else we will get in our handsets with this amazing upgrade.

Apple Cash recurring payments iOS 17


Apple Cash will support recurring payments with iOS 17

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