Apple could disable Rosetta 2 on M1 Mac in some regions

by Abhi Choudhary

Apple is using Rosetta as an emulator since 2006 as a chip-component, which is designed to bridge the transition between Intel and Apple processors. In short, it translates apps built for Intel-based Macs so they can run the PowerPC applications. Later the second version of Rosetta was introduced in 2020.

As per the latest news, the company may disable the Rosetta in some regions as macOS 11.3 beta codes suggest. According to 9to5mac the iOS developer and contributor Steve Moser shared on Twitter what he found in 3rd beta of macOS Big Sur 11.3, which is released for developers. The new code in the Rosetta API (Application Interface) indicates the removal of this feature.

“Rosetta is no longer available in your region. Applications requiring Rosetta will no longer run.”

Steve Moser says that it may be removed due to legal issues. Rosetta could be removed upon installing the macOS BigSur 11.3 beta 3. He found some changes that Apple has made to Game controls in this beta and a new option that allow connections with friends in Game Center. The 11.3 beta brings some more minor changes including a new warranty feature and a new Autoplay feature in Apple Music.

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A statement given above suggests that Apple has not disabled Rosetta 2 till now, and there is no evidence that the company is actually going to do it. While the official confirmation regarding the removal of rosetta is yet to comes and we recommend you to take this piece of information as a pinch of salt.

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